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The London Stock Exchange
Welcome to the homepage of the 2nd Joint Capital Markets Conference "IPO and Beyond. New Capital Market Products on the horizon" organised by the London Stock Exchange and MICEX Stock Exchange on 2-3 April 2007 in Moscow.

Now in the second year of their co-marketing and partnership agreement, the London Stock Exchange and the MICEX Stock Exchange are following up several successful joint regional events with their second Moscow conference to further promote IPOs on the domestic and foreign markets to Russian companies. 


Alexander Potemkin
Chairman of the
Board of Directors,
MICEX Stock Exchange

Last year, the conference was held under the title "Raising capital in Russia and abroad, trends and developments", and attracted over 300 representatives of companies and stock market professionals from CIS, UK and EU. The conference became one of the main platforms for the discussion of the trends of the Russian IPO market and the directions of its growth.

This year’s conference, set against the backdrop of what has been the most dynamic period in Russian IPOs, will generate new debate and dialogue over the future of Russia’s equity markets and on the access to capital both at home and abroad. What sets this year’s conference apart from last year’s is the emergence of several practical case studies for issues which were only theory in 2006.  Beginning with Rosneft’s IPO in July 2006, all Russian IPOs have been conducted in accordance with the 30/70 rule requiring a minimum of 30% of an issue to be placed on domestic exchanges.  Delegates at the 2007 conference will have an opportunity to hear about the impact of these changes from the advisors and companies involved on these “new” IPOs as well as from the regulatory bodies and exchanges.   There will also be a review of new products and segments now being offered by the MICEX Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and the advisor community for Russian issuers – including the new IRK segment for fast growing innovative companies, the EDX Russian IOB derivatives service and several services developed to facilitate dual IPOs for mid-caps. 

The Conference coincides with the visit to Moscow of John Stuttard, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, who together with the Chairman of the London Stock Exchange, Chris Gibson-Smith will discuss the growing economic ties between Moscow and London and on the opportunities being created for both cities.

In 2007, the MICEX Group, the parent company of the Conference’s Moscow host, the MICEX Stock Exchange, marks its 15th anniversary.  Last year, the MICEX Stock Exchange joined other dynamic markets such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, and Sao-Paolo Stock Exchange in the top 20 international stock exchanges.  Both the growing international profile of the MICEX Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange’s continued attraction for Russian issuers will be the subject of a press briefing organized during the conference.  After the first conference day on 2 April delegates are invited to the joint Gala Reception co-hosted by the MICEX Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference.


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